4-H is a non-formal educational, youth development program offered to individuals age 5 to 19.

4-H members are involved in hands-on, experiential learning that allows learning by doing. All 4-H programs focus on active involvement and quality experiences which stimulates lifelong learning of values and skills.

The 4-H program utilizes four primary delivery methods to educate youth. These methods include community clubs, school enrichment, special emphasis, and camping programs.

Three types of learning experiences are emphasized in 4-H youth development programs and activities: hands-on (making, producing, practicing, observing, etc.), organized activities (demonstrations, workshops, field trips, camps, etc.), and leadership/citizenship (conducting, planning, assisting, informing, organizing, etc.)

4-H offers learning experiences in more than 200 subject areas including: health, family life, photography, aerospace science, bicycles, natural resources, safety, horticulture and nutrition. In 2017, 503,826 Ohio youth were involved in different groups, clubs and special interest programs state-wide.

For more information on 4-H, visit www.ohio4h.org.