Image of an hard boiled egg cut in half.


Today, the vast majority of Ohio students do not have a meaningful connection to agriculture and have little, if any, understanding of where their food comes from.

The Ohio Poultry Association (OPA) is a strong supporter of agriculture education. Click below to access resources and initiatives for students, teachers and families to use at home or in the classroom.

Specific offerings include, but aren't limited to:

  • Science Fair Ideas: There are many different poultry science fair projects that can be conducted regarding egg hatching and production, poultry nutrition and living conditions.
  • 4-H Programming: 4-H is an educational youth development program for ages 5 to 19. In 4-H, members are involved in hands-on experimental learning and are provided quality experiences which stimulate lifelong learning values and skills.
  • Home Schooling: OPA provides educational links designed to educate early elementary students about the egg, chicken and turkey sectors as well as Ohio agriculture. These materials may also be adapted for kindergarteners and middle-grade students.
  • Videos: Meet Ohio egg farming families and learn how they ensure excellent care of their animals, protect the environment and produce high-quality eggs in our video series.

Find additional agriculture education materials and resources for use at home and in the classroom by following the links below.