Science Fairs

Simple experiments are best. If the experiment is too complex, unknown variables can interfere with the results. There are many different poultry science fair projects that can be conducted. Some ideas include:

  • What are the optimum conditions for hatching poultry or fish eggs?
  • What are some challenges in raising poultry?
  • How many eggs does a laying hen produce? Does that vary with age, season, etc.?
  • Are the nutritional requirements for all animals the same? Do pigs, cows, sheep, and humans require the same nutrients?
  • How is our food grown or raised? Have students research the production of their favorite food.
  • How do the conditions in which food is grown determine the nutritional quality of the product?
  • What are the effects of different vitamin toxicities (overdoses) on animals or plants?

For more ideas and information, visit the USDA's National Agricultural Library.