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Each year, the industry contributes more than $124 billion to the state's economy and provides 900,000 jobs for ohioans, 20,000+ of which are directly supported by Ohio's Egg and Poultry farming companies.


There are numerous reasons why a career with one of Ohio's food and agriculture companies is a smart move, but perhaps the greatest benefit is the ability to help feed the world. No matter what, people will always need to eat, which ensures the need for and stability of jobs within food production and agriculture. Another great bonus is that most of the positions offered at these companies don't require experience! Many food and farming companies offer training to help ensure the success of new team members and offer growth and advancement opportunities to committed employees.

From quality assurance to safety and operations, the industry is growing and people with all types of backgrounds are needed to meet the always-changing demands within food and agriculture.

Greg Singh, Trillium Farms


Raising and caring for animals is an important and rewarding job on Ohio's egg, chicken and turkey farms, but there are many other great opportunities too! It takes an entire community of committed individuals to ensure the success, advancement and awareness of Ohio's poultry and egg farming industry. From animal caretakers to marketing specialists, every member of the poultry and egg industry is important. Here are a few of the many career paths offered by poultry and egg farming companies in Ohio and nationwide:

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Animal Caretakers

Help with monitoring flocks for their health and well-being, and ensuring they have constant access to fresh food and water, and a safe living environment.

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Food safety Inspectors

Monitor the quality and safety of food products before they are packed and shipped to grocery stores.

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Load food products into packing machines, ensure products have been properly weighed and packed, etc.

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Feed Mill

Process grains as they are delivered to the mill, mix feed rations for flocks, bagging or transporting feed, etc.

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Equipment Operators

Drive and control heavy machinery, including forklifts, skid steers, tractors and dump trucks to assist with construction projects and other daily tasks.

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Mechanics and Construction Workers

Maintain and assemble new structures including welding, electrical and plumbing work.

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Transport food products in refrigerated trucks from farms to grocery stores, restaurants, food pantries, etc.

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Ensure proper communication between production, sales and distribution.

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Tech support

Ensure that devices are functioning properly, research new technologies and software to integrate into the company, etc.

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Supervisors and Managers

Lead teams in various areas of farm operations, including animal care, food processing/packaging, feed production, shipping, etc.

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Manage office operations including, clerical, human resources and accounting.

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Marketing and PR

Identify and maintain relationships with customers, promote businesses, farms and products to the media and on social media, etc.


A Day in the Life of a Poultry Production Manager

A Day in the Life of a Poultry Service Technician

A Day in the Life of an Egg Processing Supervisor

A Day in the Life of a Flock Manager

Exploring Careers in Mechanical Engineering

Exploring Careers in Animal Science

Justin Feltz

I am proud to work in the poultry industry so that I can help put one of nature's most perfect protein sources on the table for my family and American consumers.

Justin Feltz, Weaver Eggs

Featured Job Openings

• OPA Exploration Internship - August 14-December 4, Resume due by June 1st

A part time internship working with all OPA staff members and programs such as bird health programs, OPA annual banquet and golf outing, Ag communications projects and workforce development programs. Learn more

• Farm Maintenance Technician - Weaver Eggs

Responsible for the maintenance and repair of various mechanical, electrical, and conveying systems/types of industrial equipment for a poultry production plant. Learn more

• Local Truck Driver/CDL-A, Home Daily - Weaver Eggs

Responsible for completing local trucking route and communicating and coordinating deliveries with appropriate team members. Learn more

• Assistant Farm Manager - Weaver Eggs

For more information contact t.woods@weavereggs.com

• Inside Sales Rep - Weaver Eggs

For more information contact t.woods@weavereggs.com

• Production Supervisor - Hertzfeld Poultry Farms

Manages and oversees all production floor employees, assigns jobs and monitors that tasks are being done efficiently and correctly. Learn more

• Poultry Caretaker - Cal-Maine Foods, INC

Responsible for overseeing the overall welfare of birds, general cleaning of chicken houses, ensuring eggs arrive to processing plant safely on belts. Must practice proper biosecurity standards when entering and exiting houses and maintain high standards of animal welfare. Learn more

• Egg Processing - Cal-Maine Foods, INC

Responsible for identifying and packing quality eggs, inspecting eggs for quality, making boxes, labelling cartons and cases, as assigned. Applicant must be able to read and interpret documents such as company policies, safety rules, product labels and procedure manuals. Learn more

• Palletizer - Cal-Maine Foods, INC

Responsible for transferring product from roller conveyor to designated skids for shipment, identifying appropriate skid based on product labels, using a pallet jack to transport skids, and using packaging equipment. Must be able to work weekends. Learn more

• Entry Level Maintenance - Cal-Maine Foods, INC

Responsible for repairing and rebuilding equipment, repairing electrical problems, testing generators, maintaining records and solving computer problems. Learn more

• Compliance Program Specialist - Trillium Farms

Responsible for managing the continuous upkeep and development of all documented compliance programs as they pertain to regulatory, internal, third party and customer standards and requirements. Learn more

• Live Production Manager - Trillium Farms

Responsible for the management and direction of all layer production operations at a designated site. Plans, directs, and oversees production business concerns, including safety, animal husbandry, personnel management, budget management, cost control, and operating efficiencies. Learn more

• Safety Coordinator - Trillium Farms

Supports Safety Department and facilities by coordinating the company's safety programs to ensure compliance with all Federal and State OSHA regulations. Responsible for coordinating program functions to ensure all paperwork is processed timely and in accordance with company policy. Learn more


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